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Sydney Asbestos Consulting is a leader in the management of asbestos hazards and hazardous material compliance auditing. Providing accurate information for the management of asbestos containing material installed in buildings, asbestos contaminated land, lead paint, lead dust, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), synthetic mineral fibre (SMF), Hydrocarbons and other hazardous materials..

Sydney Asbestos Consulting, provides technical advice to employers and OH&S managers of the workplace environment to reduce the risks of exposure to asbestos. A professional survey of the workplace environment, buildings, land, identifying asbestos and hazardous materials.

Capabilities - Risk management systems, Compliance & performance auditing, Workplace assessments.

Benefits - Reduced insurance costs, improved demonstration of corporate responsibility and employee performance.

Sydney Asbestos Consulting Asbestos Reports

Residential Asbestos Survey Reports,
Hazardous Material Surveys,
Hygiene Clearance,
Contaminated site investigations.

Sydney Asbestos Consulting can provide a thorough survey of any residential property for the presence of asbestos and hazardous materials. A professional accurate asbestos survey or hazardous material survey prepared for Development Applications as required by most local councils.

For the purchase of a property offered for sale, and for the safe management of asbestos & hazardous material for renovations if present in your home.

Residential Survey Reports